Nutrigenomix - Eat According to Your Genes

Now in Egypt, the latest technology in nutrition science. Through a simple DNA test, you will learn more about your body than you ever thought possible. Get to know how your body responds to various nutrients and adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly. Forget one-size-fits-all diets, now you can follow a nutrition plan designed specifically based on your own DNA.

Video Consultations - The Future is Here

No matter where you are, you can now meet your diet expert online through video consultation technology. Bloom – The Diet Experts have collaborated with to bring you the latest technology in online medical consultation. The website offers all the tools you and your nutritionist may need to conduct a successful consultation, all without leaving the comfort or you home. This innovative solution promises to save you hours and hours that could have been sent stuck in traffic or looking for a parking space.

Clinical Nutrition Specialties

Perioperative Nutrition

A well-nourished body makes the recovery process after surgery easier and faster. On the other hand, weight loss surgeries require following certain diet programs to help you lose weight. Check out our Perioperative Nutrition page.

Sports Nutrition

There is no doubt that playing sports keeps your body fit and healthy. Imagine if you combined sports with a balanced diet! Wouldn’t that be the perfect lifestyle we are all looking for? Learn more on how you can balance between sports activities and your nutritional requirements through our Sports Nutrition page.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Have you had enough of eliminating carbohydrates and fats from meals and starving yourself to lose weight? Are you tired of trying different types of diet plans? At Bloom – The Diet Experts, we appreciate the fact that each person requires a different diet plan to achieve weight loss results. Visit our Weight Loss Nutrition page for more details.

Child Nutrition

How your child eats now will reflect on how healthy he/she will be as an adult. Each kid has different nutritional requirements according to his/her activity level, growth rate, current weight and allergies status. If you as a parent feel a bit lost about what’s good and what’s bad for your child, learn more about how we can help on our Child Nutrition page.

Allergies and Intolerance Nutrition

Do you suffer from a certain food allergy or intolerance? At Bloom – The Diet Experts, we understand how hard it is to inspect the ingredients of what you eat and to search for replacements. To save you the time and effort, we have designed nutritional programs that meet your needs. Check out our Allergies and Intolerance Nutrition page.

Cancer Nutrition

Studies have proven that proper nutrition can reduce the risk of cancer and help the body fight it along with the treatment. Visit our Cancer Nutrition page for more details.

Chronic Diseases Nutrition

Living with a chronic disease can be difficult since it needs special care and dietary management. At Bloom – The Diet Experts, we offer diet programs that allow you to control your chronic disease and keep complications at bay. Learn more about our Chronic Diseases Nutrition page.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Preparing for a pregnancy is not all about getting new stuff for the newborn and redecorating the baby’s room. At Bloom – The Diet Experts, we believe that proper nutrition is one of the precious gifts you could give to your baby. Visit our Pregnancy Nutrition page for more details.

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