Child Nutrition

From the moment a fetus is formed in the womb till the moment it is born, its body absorbs all the important nutrients required for its growth from the mother. That is why the mother should be well nourished during the pregnancy to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby. After birth till the age of one year, again the baby receives its proper nutrition mainly from breastfeeding where again the nourishment of the mother plays an important role in keeping the baby healthy during that period. However, starting from the age of one through the childhood period, your child will be more dependent on external sources for nutrition. Also, the nutritional needs of each child will vary according to the age, activity level, weight and any health conditions.

Child Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

Shape a healthy generation!

How your child eats from now on will mirror how healthy he/she will be in their adulthood. A balanced diet during childhood has a great impact on a kid’s health and activity level in the present and in the future. At the early age, growth is at its peak. Muscles and bones are being built. The brain acquires new skills and absorbs new information each and every day. That’s why a calorie-rich healthy diet is all what your child needs. A healthy diet reduces the risk of sickness and disease during life and speed up the healing and recovery processes. Unfortunately, during this period, the child will be following the eating patterns found at home. So, as a parent, how can you help? First, try as much as you can to be a role model for your kid when it comes to food choices. You can educate your child on proper nutrition and prepare healthy meals that are both satisfying and enjoyable for them! What if you don’t know how? What if your child refuses the healthy meals you are preparing and you feel helpless about it? Seek professional help. Talk to one of our expert child nutritionist who will educate you on how to feed your child properly according to their age and their activity level and how to prepare balanced meals that your kid will not say no to!/p>

Ready, steady, go!

As mentioned earlier, proper nutrition is essential for your child from day one. However, the caloric needs differ from one child to another according to the activity level of each and every one. If your child is engaged in sports activity at school or is a member of a team and competes in games or matches, his/her energy intake will be higher than a normal kid at their age. Weight also is an essential factor to the sports activity they engage into. Nurturing a young athlete and maintaining an optimal weight can be tricky. You can check out our sports nutrition program for young athletes and contact us for more details.

Child Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

The earlier you say no to obesity the better!

Just like adults, kids love to eat. And believe it or not, they also tend to eat if they feel bored, depressed or neglected. Also, an excessive increased appetite can be alarming for an underlying disease such as diabetes. But of course, eating for no good reason causes increase in weight, and if uncontrolled, it will definitely lead to obesity. Being an overweight child was never easy. As a kid going to school, his/her activity level will decline. The risk of developing some chronic diseases in the future like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems will increase. Your kid’s self-esteem will decrease which will consequently affect his/her performance at school.
So if you ever notice that your child cannot stop eating and/or is putting on weight fast, don’t wait and seek professional help immediately. The earlier the better! With your support, we can plan a balanced diet that will satisfy your kid’s needs and help him/her maintain an ideal weight.

Beat diabetes with meal plans!

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases among children. This disease is highly affected by the eating habits of the child. The portion of each food group in the meal has a great effect on the glucose level in the blood. Protein and fats do not contribute that much in the increase of blood glucose, but carbohydrates do! So, the carbohydrates in your kid’s diet should be in the right amount depending on the age, activity level, nutritional needs and the medications he/she is taking. How can you make the balance? If you are looking for a guide on how to structure a meal plan, we are here to help you. What’s good about a meal plan is that it allows you as a parent to manage what and when your child eats, and it can also accommodate to occasions such as birthday parties, sports events and others. If this is what you are looking for, please contact us for more details.

Child Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

Keep an eye out for an allergic reaction!

When your child starts eating from different sources other than breastfeeding, it is better that you start introducing new types of foods under your supervision. Allergy to a certain food substance will never be discovered unless it was tried. So beware! And of course, once you found out that your kid is allergic to one or many substances, you will automatically eliminate it from the diet. This substance or the group of substances that your kid is allergic to might be essential or contain vitamins and minerals required for his/her normal growth. So, it is better to seek a professional help. Consult with our child nutrition specialist to know how to deal with allergies and what substitutes can be used to offer your child a balanced diet.

Good nutrition is cancer's worst enemy

Children with cancer need all the support they can get from all the people around them during their treatment course. With loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other side effects arising from the treatment, good nutrition can be neglected although it is really important. Eating well will help your child stay strong during or after the treatment. And like any normal child, proper nutrition is required for normal growth. In addition, it will help them better tolerate the treatment, heal and recover faster and keep them at normal weight. Consult with one of our specialized nutritionists to plan for a balanced diet for your child.