A healthy weight for a quality life!

Obesity simply means the accumulation of excessive fat in the body with some seriously bad effects on health. Life-threatening complications result from being obese, so obesity is now classified as a disease and a leading cause of death. According to WHO classification, having a body mass index (BMI) higher than 25 means you are overweight and a BMI over 30 means you are obese.

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Say No to Obesity!

You feel hungry at midnight, so you open the fridge and grab a snack. You are not that hungry, but you enjoy watching TV while eating! You just had lunch, yet you find nothing to do but eating. You keep on eating and eating without a plan while engaging in no physical activities. So where does all that food go? Simple, it’s just turned into fat and stored in different areas of your body, and that is how you gain weight! The imbalance between the caloric intake and the calories burnt by the body is primarily the main reason behind obesity. Most individuals fail to achieve such balance and end up eating more calories than they usually need. The lack of physical activity, eating junk food instead of healthy meals, smoking and alcohol consumption are all contributing factors to obesity. The good news is that obesity is reversible simply by following healthy meal plans and changing your lifestyle. Calculate your BMI now and check our weight loss programs. Give us a call for more details and guidance.

Stay Healthier for Longer!

Losing weight has many benefits to your health, especially if you already have a certain health condition that is diet-related. For people with diabetes and hypertension, weight loss and dietary management along with medications can help greatly in controlling the severity of the disease and keep other complications at bay. What if you want to lose weight but you don’t know the nutritional requirements for you case? If you are feeling lost and need help, you can visit our Nutrition in Chronic Diseases page for more details.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

Plan it right!

Having a baby is definitely a delightful life-changing experience, but it needs a lot of preparation from your side. As a mom, you should be ready to make some changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. Being overweight for instance can impose some complications on your health as well as your baby’s. Deciding on losing weight on your own before becoming pregnant or during that period can be critical since you can deprive your body of essential nutrients required for a safe pregnancy. Take a look at our pregnancy nutrition programs and contact us for help.

Save your child!

Being obese at a young age puts your kid at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension or even cardiac diseases at an early age. In addition, overweight children are less popular at school, are more prone to being bullied by their classmates and are incapable of coping or performing physical activities. All these factors will affect their performance at school and will have an impact on their psychological health when they grow up. If you cannot control the eating pattern of your child or you cannot help them maintain or lose weight, check our child nutrition programs and contact us!