Guiding You Through a Healthy Pregnancy

Having a baby is always an exciting event, but it definitely needs preparation. As you may have heard, one important factor you will need to focus on is “nutrition” as it has a major effect on your health and more importantly on your baby’s health and its general well-being.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

Plan, Prepare, Pregnant!

Following a proper diet before pregnancy is as important as doing the same during pregnancy. So, if you are planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon, start planning and preparing for some health changes. Your diet should be well planned and contains all the important nutrients that your body will need afterwards during pregnancy. Also, it is better that you address any health problem before becoming pregnant to avoid any complications in the future. So, if you haven’t started a proper diet plan yet, it is never too late! We are here to help you plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Congratulations! You are pregnant.

So you are already pregnant. This means that in each trimester, your nutritional needs will vary according to your body changes and the different growth stages of the fetus. So, in order to progress normally in your pregnancy, it is really important to start considering what to eat and what not to eat, not just that, but to drop any bad habits like smoking or alcohol consumption. Need any help? We can educate you about the healthy eating habits and plan together for a balanced diet throughout your 9-month journey.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

It's not about eating for two. It's about how you eat for both of you!

Many think that proper nutrition during pregnancy is all about increasing your daily calorie intake because you are now eating for two. Well, think again! Whether you are planning on becoming pregnant or you already are, adjusting your “nutritional status” is what really matters here. What do we mean by that? Being overweight or underweight, that’s a nutritional status. You might have a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension, and so on. So, you will definitely need to balance your pregnancy demands with your nutritional status. And this is when we come in.

Lose weight and look awesomely pregnant!

Obesity is one of the most common problems that face any woman who is either planning on becoming pregnant or already is. Obesity increases the risks of many pregnancy complications such as pregnancy loss, gestational diabetes mellitus, macrosomia (large baby) and others. Pregnancy can also be delayed because of obesity. That is why it is always advisable to lose the excessive weight before getting pregnant. But how can you do that without losing the major nutrients required for pregnancy and at the same time finding a balance between eating healthy and staying at a healthy weight during the 3 trimesters? Simple, you can always follow up with one of our experienced nutritionists to structure a balanced diet plan that will help you lose weight safely before getting pregnant and control your weight throughout your pregnancy. Regular weight follow-up is also recommended.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

A baby bump is all that shows!

Some women decide on losing weight aggressively before pregnancy fearing that pregnancy will alter their bodies, and that the extra weight won’t come off easily. Others are extremely thin by nature and may have a higher metabolic rate. But who said that being thin before pregnancy is ideal? The risk of developing complications during or after the pregnancy being underweight is one and the same as with being obese. The risks of miscarriage during the first trimester, preterm labor or even delivering a small for gestational age baby increase. You may also face elevated risk of developing anemia right after delivery or even osteoporosis later in life. So, if you have been diagnosed as underweight, you should immediately seek a nutritionist help. It is not mainly about putting on some extra weight, but building stores of important nutrients and fat required for a healthy pregnancy. A well-planned diet along with nutritional supplements will reduce these risks significantly and will help you progress normally throughout your pregnancy. Check out what we can offer to help you.

Don’t let chronic diseases stop you!

Some chronic diseases like hypertension and renal disease need special care and tailored nutritional management during pregnancy. So if you suffer from any chronic disease and planning on getting pregnant, you should contact your healthcare provider as well as your nutritionist to plan for a safe pregnancy.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

Pregnant and Fit!

As opposed to the ancient belief that pregnancy means no exercise, it is now believed that the more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier your body will adapt for the changes that happen. So, yes, you can still continue your sporting activities during pregnancy up until delivery, after consulting with your doctor of course! But, to do so, you will need to make certain changes to your eating habits. As you know, your nutritional needs change drastically with pregnancy. Also, while exercising, your body is in continuous need for energy and certain nutrients to repair muscles and restore any electrolyte and glucose imbalance. So, you will have to follow a specific diet plan that balances between your pregnancy nutritional needs and physical activity. Visit our clinic and consult our pregnancy nutritionists for help!