Healthy Nutrition is the Cornerstone of Athletic Performance

No matter how old you are, and whether you are competing in sports or just engaging in physical activities to stay fit, proper nutrition is the foundation for outperforming your competitors and achieving excellent fitness throughout your life.

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They are the future champions!

Having a young athlete at home is never easy. As a parent, you are trying to help your youngster to achieve a balance between classes and sports, which makes it even harder! However, one important element goes missing in the middle, and that is food! Most kids and teens fulfill their energy needs mainly through snacks and unhealthy meals from the school cafeteria, or simply skip a meal! This disturbance in nutritional pattern, especially during that age where growth is at its peak, results in many problems like lack of concentration, weight fluctuation, fatigue and so much more. In addition, some are required to increase their weight too fast, and others are asked to reduce their weight. So, the stress put by the gym teacher or the coach on this young population to maintain an ideal weight for the type of sports they play affects their eating behavior. So, how can you help? Visit us with your champion so we can structure a balanced meal plan that will keep them healthy and energized and help them in maintaining the appropriate weight and optimal energy level for the sports they play.

Eat right to perform well!

Just like a racing car requiring fuel, your body needs calories to perform. However, maintaining your caloric intake doesn’t necessarily mean stuffing your body with whatever you can eat just before the game or before hitting the gym. On the other hand, some players just skip a meal or two during the day, and their bodies fail them while working out. It is important to know that after strenuous exercise, your body will need to recover from any muscle damage or electrolytes imbalance. So, nutritional requirements before and after exercise differ. In addition, the energy needs of a moderate or high-frequency-training athlete are higher than a normal individual engaging in general fitness regimen. Also, some sports require weight gain while others require weight loss. In all cases, energy is what keeps you going. So, what to eat, when and how while keeping an optimal weight is really the trick here. As they say, nutrition is king when it comes to achieving a competitive edge over others. Let us help you! Whether you are an active individual who hits the gym regularly or an athlete who competes in any kind of sports, our expert nutritionists can provide you with balanced diet that suits your level of activity and the type of sports you are engaged in. Contact us for more details on our plans.

Pregnancy Nutrition, Bloom Diet Experts

It's never too late to stay in the game!

Indeed age is just a number, but we should take in consideration the physiological changes that happen to our bodies as we age. One remarkable change is the decline in oxygen consumption which results from the decreased cardiovascular function, weakened respiratory ability and loss of musculoskeletal strength. Aging is also associated with a noticeable decrease in the metabolic rate leading to weight disturbance. However, engaging in a physical activity will definitely reduce these physiological changes if only it was combined with the appropriate fuel. A proper nutrition can ensure excellent performance and weight control, enhances recovery from aggressive workouts and protects against heart diseases, cancer and osteoporosis. So, your nutritional needs will indeed change if you decide on resuming or engaging in a certain physical activity at an older age. Together, we can tailor a healthy diet plan that provides you with the level of energy required for the type of physical activity you are planning to do.

Want to Stay Fit While Pregnant?

Who said that pregnancy and sports don’t mix? There was a time when it was believed that a woman should stop all sporting exercises the minute she learns she is pregnant. It is different nowadays. After of course consulting your doctor, you can still continue your physical activities and even compete! On one condition though, you should maintain a healthy balanced diet. It is really important that if you are a pregnant athlete to follow a proper nutritional plan that contains all required nutrients that will protect your baby and yourself against any damage happening while exercising. Check out our pregnancy nutrition programs and contact us for help.